Monday, October 29, 2012

Batman: The Killing Joke Joker ARTFX Statue

Kotobukiya presents the Killing Joke Joker ARTFX Statue. Featuring a portrait inspired by the graphic novel cover art coupled with an original pose by Kotobukiya, this new statue brings the maniacal clown to life as you've never seen him before. Joker stands with one foot resting on a crate of dynamite, smiling his huge toothy grin as he snaps a photo on his old school film camera. The sadistic villain's costume is incredibly detailed, showing off every seam, cuff, button, crease, and more on his purple three piece suit and trench coat. His outfit is even topped off by authentic studded spats, fedora, iconic white gloves, and lapel-pinned flower. The Joker's elongated white painted face leaps right off of the graphic novel cover with its deep laugh lines, left eye squeezed shut, and unruly green hair peeking out from under his hat. There's even a motion sensor built into the base that activates an LED spot lamp and camera shutter sound after a brief delay. As an added bonus, the lamp is movable and can be placed at any angle around the statue! The Killing Joke Joker stands 11 inches tall (1/6th scale) on a special display base that includes the broken crate of dynamite, LED lamp, and a creepy cherub henchman. The Joker is an incredible statue capturing one of the most famous graphic novels of all time. Lights, camera, action!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Arkham City Harley Quinn deluxe adult costume

You're all about danger and crazy fun when you dress up in the Adult Sexy Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume. The costume consists of a faux leather corset like vest, pants with a belt and glovelettes. The vest that resembles a corset is black and deep burgundy and is a crop top. The belt is black and the pants match the same color and style of the vest. The glovelettes are elbow length and feature black gloves. This is an officially licensed Arkham City Harley Quinn deluxe adult costume and the look comes straight from the video game Batman Arkham City.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Storm Bishoujo Statue

A mistress of the elements, Storm flies into your collection with all the fury of her namesake and the beauty of nature unleashed. Hovering atop a whirlwind base made of clear pvc, the sultry mutant poses with one leg bent in front of the other and her hands raised to the heavens. Ororo's outfit is based on the original black costume designed by David Cockrum and looks great on the superhero, leaving plenty of skin exposed and showing off her voluptuous body. The intricate details of her clothing and streaming hair reflect the expertise of the sculpt, and it's all topped off by a beautiful Bishoujo styled face that makes this Storm different from any other version in your collection. And if all of that wasn't cool enough, the X-Woman even comes with removable lightning effects that you can mount on her hands!

Sculpted by Koutarou Takeuchi, the Storm Bishoujo statue stands nearly 12 inches tall (in the Marvel Bishoujo 1/7th scale) as she floats in the air, a true vision of comic book beauty viewed through the lens of the bishoujo style.