Thursday, March 28, 2013

Living Dead Dolls Little Bo Creep doll Scary Tales

Check out the lambskin hat on this Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales Little Bo Creep Series 5 Doll! Little Bo Creep has found her sheep, and the outcome for the little runaways was grim. Her lambskin hat serves as a warning to those who might wander off and get lost. While the hat might not actually be made of lambskin, it does look pretty creepy! The Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales Little Bo Creep Series 5 Doll measures 10-inches tall, features real cloth clothing, and comes complete with her own coffin.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Superman Man Of Steel Statue By Jim Lee

The Man of Steel bursts out of the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE ready for battle in this intricately sculpted statue designed by comics superstar Jim Lee, the artist of the upcoming SUPERMAN UNCHAINED written by Scott Snyder. This Superman Statue measures 6.5 high x 6.25 wide x 4.4 deep.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Batman statue by Rafael Grampa

The best-selling line of Batman Black & White statues continues with an amazing rendition of the Dark Knight sculpted in the unique style of Brazilian artist Rafael Grampa. The Batman Black and White Statue by Grampa measures 7.2 high x 11. wide x 4.2 deep.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mass Effect SX3 Alliance Fighter Replica

Systems Alliance frigates, named after the great battles of human history, are among the larger warships capable of traveling between star systems in the interactive world of Mass Effect. Dark Horse has released a version of one of these ships, our popular replica of Normandy. Smaller combat support craft, fighters, and interceptors are used in a support role to the warships during combat. Fighters are a one-man craft used to perform close-range attacks on enemy ships. One of these is the SX3 Alliance Fighter. Dark Horse is now announcing their version of this ship, which is a perfect companion piece to Normandy.