Friday, July 3, 2009

Jedi Force Trainer

This has a big promise - possibly enough to get a variety of Star Wars and X-Men followers adding this to their wish list.

Although the thought of being able to train your mind to acheive telekinesis in a Professor Xavier/Jedi fashion is pretty special.

What is actually is is a simplified EEG (Electroencephalography - a way to measure your brain sparks) based game that has a license to use the Star Wars name.

Whilst the kids will be believing that they are able to use the Force, what they are actually doing is learning to activate one part of their brain.

Which is still pretty good control I reckon.

This Jedi Force Trainer hooks up to your head via wireless headset and transmits your reading to the toy, which blows air and moves the ball up the chute.

Imagine Nintendo’s Brain Training but with a white ball and a clear tube.

Original Article from USA Today

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