Friday, April 2, 2010

Marvel Villains Dr Doom Fine Art Statue

Soon after the Fantastic Four hit the comic book scene in 1961, the superhero team came face-to-face with someone who would become one of the most iconic supervillains of all time. Power-mad, brilliant, and deadly, the dictator of Latveria would plague the heroes of the Marvel Universe to the present day. Born Victor von Doom, the ambitious master of both science and sorcery would come to be known as DR. DOOM! Doom was injured by an explosion and forced to wear a mask over his face that would become his trademark along with heavy-duty armor and striking green clothing. Dr. Doom tops out at a huge 15 inches tall (1/6-scale) in his regal pose, and will be a dominant force in your collection. Like the other statues in the Marvel Villains statue line, Doom stands upon a specially-designed circular base that lights up with interior LEDs. Sculpted by Erick Sosa, a member of Kotobukiya's newly-formed 'Kreative 3' team, Marvel Villains Dr Doom Fine Art Statue is constructed of high-quality cold cast porcelain.

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