Thursday, December 2, 2010

Living Dead Dolls Things with Wings Series 21

These sweetly twisted, irresistible dead dolls from beyond by creators Ed Long & Damien Glonek keep you dying for more.

It's death from above with this "Things With Wings" collection! In the dark still of the night, a new kind of evil takes flight. Winged creatures ascend from where the Living Dead Dolls dwell, and swoop down on the masses likes bats out of hell. Angels and demons, pixies and fairies, make up the twisted creations of Series 21...and so the celebration of the 13th anniversary of Living Dead Dolls has begun!

This Set of Living Dead Dolls Things with Wings includes One of Each of the following Dolls:

Each doll stands a full 10 inches tall and comes complete with real cloth clothing.

Each doll is packed in their own coffin with death certificate.

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