Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Animated Ladies Princess Daphne Statue

Electric Tiki Design presents an all-new line dedicated to animations leading ladies. Princess Daphne springs from one of the most famous video games in history, Dragon's Lair. The brainchild of veteran Disney animator Don Bluth, it was revolutionary as the first video game to use feature-quality hand-drawn animation as its platform. Though Dirk the Daring fought his way through many obstacles to rescue the princess, young male game players everywhere realized that Daphne was the 'prize' for finishing the game. Electric Tiki's 'Animated Ladies' Princess Daphne statue features a beautifully designed metallic black base featuring 5 oval display areas with the primary display featuring the game's logo while the other 4 feature model sheet character drawings. Princess Daphne floats above a deco inspired clear cap filled with gold coins and Dirk's sword. This cold cast resin Animated Ladies Princess Daphne statue is designed by Tracy Mark Lee and sculpted by Kent Melton stands 14 tall; each limited edition item is hand numbered, hand painted, and ready to display.

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